Alliyah Maduro Portfolio

Content Creator| Social media and Event coordinator | Freelance photographer/videographer
maduroalliyah@gmail.com | (267) 597-5161 | LinkedIn

My passion is to assist others, share ideas and use my creativity in professional projects. Within a career I would like to be a promotional assitant for a company that provides assistance to the community in an urban area. While planning the events I would also like to produce multimedia content for their social media platforms. Through those roles I would like to reach a target audience that the company struggles to target to make it more diverse. 

For any job I will provide a strong work ethic, positive attitude and is goal-oriented. I have on-hands experience with event planning, interviewing top business people and managing social media. Through my experiences I am able to provide a company with event planning skills, creative thinking and verbal/oral/written communication within a team. 

I plan to add value to a company by using my skills in Adobe Premiere and Hootsuite to manage and produce content daily for a company’s social media platforms. I will use my communication skills to contact organizations who I think would be a great fit to sponsor, attend or co-host with for any events that I plan. I plan to create events that are fun, people are able to network and that are diverse and incorporate different cultures, food and music. I plan to use my written communication skills as a tool that other people can use to express their concerns, share news and tell their personal stories. 

 Click the images below to read two of my writing samples.

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Interview with Dana Chanel
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Personal story of college student