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Who am I, What do I do, and Where I’m from..


My name is Alliyah Maduro. I am of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. The city and my upbringings made me dream bigger and work hard to achieve those dreams. As a young Latina, I want to inspire future generations who have a similar background to me. No dream is too big

What I Do?

Digital Content Creator – I create creative digital content for companies to expand their audience and engagement on social media

Social media/Marketing Strategist – I create social media graphics using Canva and Adobe to promote products and events for companies. I overlook their demographics and analytics by also using A/B testing.

Freelance Brand Micro Influencer – I create digital content on my personal use on all social media platforms for well known beauty and retail companies. I expand their consumer, engagement and sales through creating authentic content.

Events Coordinator – I create live/zoom events for companies while presenting a showdown, conducting run throughs, emailing corporate leaders, creating modern ideas to incorporate within an event.

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