AL DIA’s 40 Under Forty Event (Virtual)

In this event, I had to manage 40+ people from the Honorees, Corporate leaders and event speakers to gather content for the event. This virtual event attracted 100+ people including corporate leaders nation and city wide. During this time I was creating small videos and graphics to incorporate within the video. To configure the event I used Adobe premiere for the execution and to upload onto Youtube.

AL DIA’s Hispanic Heritage Awards

This event was one of the companies most successful and well-known events for 5 consecutive years. Due to Covid-19 it had to become virtual. In this event 20+ company corporate leaders were a part of the advisory board. This is where I scheduled 2 meetings to unite and broadcast the events virtual vision. Within the meetings I was able to showcase a meeting agenda and present a show run down. For the Hispanic Heritage Awards I was able to work behind the media aspect in recording some of the speeches via zoom. I used adobe premiere to Execute this event that was broadcasted to 100+ viewers.

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