#GiftAHome Fundraiser


When we build homes, we build smiles. Your generosity will have that impact.

Meet the Saloj Sen family. Manuel and Olga live in San Felipe Panimaquip with their four children. During the day Manuel and his two sons work in the fields to support their household while the women weave for their personal use. 

The Saloj Sen family were living in a small home where their dinner was cooked in the same space they laid their heads at night..

With the help of our friends and the San Lucas Mission Construction Program, The Saloj Sen family were able to receive a brand new home that had the sufficient space for a family of six. 

Please join us in our #GiftAHome Facebook Fundraiser where we will raise $20,000 to build homes for our friends of the San Lucas Mission. 

Your donation for #GiftAHome will help many households in the San Lucas communities by providing a brand new and a sufficient home for their families.  

Spread the generosity by sharing this Facebook post with your family and friends or tag them down below!

Thank you for your generosity and making the world a better place! 

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